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Food System Vulnerabilities & National Security Conference Organized by Harvest Partner Molly Jahn & the Wilson Center

Wilson Center Event
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Food Systems and National Security: The Science in Strategy

On Thursday, May 23rd, visionaries and practitioners from in and around government gathered at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. to address the needs of the country through the lens of food systems and food security. Harvest partner Molly Jahn organized this event with the Wilson Center and other key stakeholders, sponsored in part by the NASA Harvest Consortium, US Army War College, and the Wilson Center. The “Food Systems and National Security: The Science in Strategy” workshop built on Congressional and Executive Branch initiatives and studies that aim to detect, assess and respond to complex and dynamic food system risks to U.S. national security. Though food was central to the discussion, insights stretched across all manner of complex problems affecting the homeland.

Keynote speeches, panels and breakout groups focused on building partnerships within and beyond the US Federal Government with the goal of defining, assessing, and resolving institutions fit for purpose to detect and evaluate events with potential large scale effects on the global food systems we depend on for export as well as events that potentially affect domestic networks, which are highly complex. In both domains, domestic and international, discussions focused on the markets, practices, logistics and power arrangements capable of stabilizing and improving the reliability of food and resource networks for all humans in the face of a rapidly destabilizing global climate.

Read more about the event and view the live webcast here.

Event Date
May 23, 2019
Event Location
Woodrow Wilson Center