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Latin American Geospatial Forum

Event Details

Latin America's economic recovery is gaining momentum, with projected growth of up to 1.9% in 2018 and 2.6% in 2019. Adoption of digital and automation technologies can help the region to bolster its growth, especially in key socio-economic sectors such as infrastructure development, agriculture, mining and disaster management. Geospatial information plays a crucial role in planning, monitoring, management, analysis, decision making and improving overall productivity and efficiency. The extent to which geospatial information continues to positively impact society and economy greatly depends on the strength and initiatives of geospatial content producers and ability of end users to effectively utilize the data and solutions.

Latin America Geospatial Forum 2018 aims to strengthen the role and relevance of geospatial information in Latin America region by connecting stakeholders of geospatial industry with end user communities. This year's theme, "Geospatial Information: Making a Difference for Billions", will highlight this emerging technology and how it benefits the economy and society.

Relevant themes covered include:

- Geospatial Information: Conduit to SDGs Success

- Integrating Statistical and Geographical Information for Better Latin America

- Geospatial Value and Impact on Economy and Society

- Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Growth

Event Date
Nov 6, 2018 to Nov 8, 2018
Event Location
Mexico City, Mexico