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Here we keep you up to date on NASA Harvest partner activities including recent research and publications, conference presence and presentations, joint events, partner features, and more!


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G20 Announces Continued Support for GEOGLAM

Jul 24, 2023


Agricultural Ministers from across the G20 met in Hyderabad, India on June 16-17, 2023 to discuss the challenges facing the global community in terms… Read more

Ukraine satellite view

Farming a Warzone: NASA Harvest Releases Satellite-based Ukraine Wheat Production Estimates

Jun 30, 2023

As Ukraine remains one of the world’s top 10… Read more

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NASA Harvest and Partner to Enhance the Traceability and Metrics of Crops in South America

Jun 27, 2023

Press release originally posted on

NASA Harvest, NASA's Global Food Safety and Agriculture Consortium, will use, an Argentine platform for tracking crops, learning and managing environmental indicators, and… Read more

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Using AI and Earth Observations in Sub-Saharan Agriculture Requires Special Considerations to Ensure Success

Jun 20, 2023


Earth observation (EO) data collected from satellites orbiting the Earth is helping scientists, policymakers, and decision-makers learn more about our planet and make better-informed decisions. With recent advancements in… Read more

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Navigating the Kakhovka Dam Collapse: NASA Harvest Consortium Assesses Agriculture Impacts with Satellite Imagery

Jun 12, 2023


Sun, air, soil, and water - the four key ingredients for healthy crop growth. Disruption of any one of these essential resources, especially without warning, often results in devastating effects for agricultural production.… Read more