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Christina Jade Justice

Senior Faculty Specialist, University of Maryland - Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with Harvest

Christina Justice is part of the University of Maryland Harvest Hub, providing support for Harvest activities. Christina’s primary work is the lead coordinator and author of the Crop Monitor for Early Warning (CM4EW), a monthly operational bulletin with the goal of providing consensus crop conditions for countries at risk of food insecurity to reduce uncertainty and strengthen agricultural decision making.



Christina Justice is a Senior Faculty Specialist at the University of Maryland. She received her Bsc. in Environmental Science and Policy, Global Environmental Change with a minor in GIS in 2014 from the University of Maryland and her MSc. in Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland in 2017 researching agricultural monitoring in East Africa.  Christina’s interests are with sustainable agriculture and bridging the gap between agricultural land use practices and remotely sensed information to better inform agriculture policies and support the livelihoods and food security of smallholder agriculturists. Christina’s current work is as the primary coordinator and author of the operational and monthly GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for Early Warning (CM4EW), working with the main international, regional and national organizations involved in food security monitoring to build consensus for current crop conditions over countries at risk of food insecurity and synthesize these efforts in the publication of the monthly CM4EW bulletin. She is now working to develop national instances of the Crop Monitor to support national agricultural monitoring efforts across SE Asia.

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