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Pierre Sibiry Traore

Director of Research and Development, Manobi Digital Agriculture 

How I work with Harvest

Pierre Traore works with Harvest on farmer scale food security in West Africa via Manobi SA and ICRISAT. He is Director of Research and Development at Manobi Digital Agriculture. Manobi is a leading African social company that provides mobile-based integrated information systems and data management services to customers from the grassroots to the global level. Specialized in agriculture, water supply, sanitation, education and local government dedicated service platforms.


Pierre C. Sibiry Traore is a physical geographer and remote sensing expert (MSc Univ. Joseph Fourier, 1996; MSc Univ. Sherbrooke, 1997). He developed geospatial and modelling capacity at IER-Mali since 1998 and was out-posted at IER as an ICRISAT scientist from 2000-2012. He has interest in data assimilation, farmer knowledge, evolutionary biology, systems thinking, digital agriculture, and public-private partnerships. He leads projects that capacitate policy makers, scientists, small-holders and intermediaries with improved tactical and strategic decisions using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Pierre Traore