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Here we keep you up to date on NASA Harvest partner activities including recent research and publications, conference presence and presentations, joint events, partner features, and more!


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Researchers Explore Hydrological Monitoring and Forecasting Products for Improving Food Insecurity Early Warning in Southern Africa

May 18, 2020

It is a well-established fact that early warning for food insecurity risks allows for early mitigation and disaster preparedness efforts to take place ahead of a food crisis. Drought is one factor that can lead to reduced food crop… Read more

CV4A conference

NASA Harvest Researchers Highlight Global Food Security at ICLR CV4A Workshop

May 8, 2020
Microsoft grant

NASA Harvest Researchers Receive Microsoft AI for Earth Azure Compute Grant

Apr 30, 2020
ALASA Conference

Earth Observations for Food Security Highlighted at the XVI ALASA International Conference

Apr 21, 2020

During March 9 to 12, the XVI ALASA International Conference took place in Mendoza, Argentina. Read more

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Research Collaboration Results in Publication of High-Resolution Dataset for Drought Monitoring

Apr 7, 2020

In many regions of Africa, droughts can have adverse impacts on crop production which may result in food scarcity, famine, and even widespread infectious disease in some cases. Particularly in areas where food security is already… Read more