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Here we keep you up to date on NASA Harvest partner activities including recent research and publications, conference presence and presentations, joint events, partner features, and more!


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NASA Harvest Featured in NASA's Educational Video Series

Sep 6, 2021

NASA Harvest and NASA eClipsRead more


People of Harvest Interview Series: Kara Mobley

Aug 25, 2021

NASA Harvest, NASA’s Food Security and Agriculture Program, is a global consortium with contributions from people of many different backgrounds, specialties, and interests. What unites us all is a dedication to bolstering food security… Read more

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Conversion of Grassland to Cropland is Increasing Carbon Emissions

Aug 23, 2021

The world’s population Read more

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Achieving Last-Mile Transparency in Africa through a Digital Hub for Digitizing and Sharing Data

Aug 17, 2021

Private multinational agricultural input companies continuously conduct various data collection efforts and employ agents and agronomists. The goals of these data collection efforts are to communicate the value of company… Read more

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NASA Harvest and GEOGLAM Shed Light on US Drought Conditions During Critical 2021 Northern Hemisphere Growing Season

Aug 13, 2021

Current Monitoring Focus Area: US Drought and Potential Impacts on Crop Production

Any time there is a drought in a major food exporting country… Read more