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NASA Harvest News

December 2018-February 2019 images of drought in Southern Africa - precipitation/NDVI/soil moisture

Drought Harms Corn Crops in Southern Africa

Apr 11, 2019

There is never a good time for drought, but in southern Africa, overly dry conditions hit at a particularly vulnerable time—just after planting for the 2018-2019 maize (corn) season. According to ReliefWeb, about 10.8 million people in southern Africa faced severe food… Read more

Catherine Nakalembe and LWR partners in Mali

Lutheran World Relief launches partnership with NASA Harvest

Apr 9, 2019

NASA Harvest is partnering with Lutheran World Relief (LWR) to bring valuable satellite imagery data to small-plot farmers in Mali, using LWR's field expertise to make NASA’s… Read more

Experiences in Eastern Africa

East Africa crop monitoring training tour promotes satellite data for agricultural decision making

Mar 29, 2019

Catherine Nakalembe, Harvest Eastern Africa Lead, led four intensive remote sensing trainings this past month in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The focus was on teaching staff in agricultural ministries how to use Earth Observation tools for… Read more

SPAM 2010

SPAM 2010: Updated global crop data aid in food policy decisions

Mar 26, 2019

Knowing where in the world individual crops are cultivated, their production patterns, and whether they are irrigated or rain fed are essential components for ensuring adequate, sustainable food production and safeguarding food security. Yet this critical data is often… Read more

Inbal Becker-Reshef at AMIS RRP

Satellite Data for Crop Monitoring - A Conversation with Inbal Becker-Reshef

Mar 15, 2019

We spoke with Inbal Becker-Reshef, Harvest Director, to understand the background and outcomes of a meeting held with the G20’s AMIS Rapid Response Forum last month to promote sharing satellite data for crop monitoring between countries. 

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