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GEOGLAM's Crop Monitor for Early Warning highlighted for African Crop Forecasting.


GEOGLAM has been highlighted recently in three recent articles on crop production and condition in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa including Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. A Special Alert from the Food and Nutrition Security Working Group highlights the Crop Monitor for Early Warning's Southern Africa Maize Map for February 2018. The 2017/2018 Food Security Early Warning System - Agromet Update issue marked the Crop Monitor expectations for winter wheat harvests in Zambia, Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa. A new article from Standard Digital - Kenya, "Food prices soar as pockets run empty" highlights the February edition of the Crop Monitor for Early Warning. These articles emphasize the use of GEOGLAM's crop monitors for AMIS and Early Warning in providing useful information for markets and farmers.

News Date
Feb 15, 2018