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Harvest visits Texas A&M Corpus Christi Partners on US Domestic Coordination

Don Cummings Air Data Solutions

Scientific Lead of NASA Harvest, Chris Justice, and Alona Bunning, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, visited the Texas A&M AgriLife Corpus Christi campus on March 15 to discuss future coordinating efforts for the US-domestic strategy of Harvest. In attendance were Harvest partners Murilo Maeda, Tom Gerik and several researchers from Texas A&M, Harvest partner Nathan Torbick of Applied GeoSolutions, Kevin Price of AgPixel, a provider of image processing for aerial mapping products and agricultural services, and Don Cummings of Air Data Solutions, a Louisiana-based company which uses aircraft and drones to visualize fields for crop stress mapping, pasture management, and other purposes.  The team disucssed potential next steps in developing a consolidated effort between the different groups working on domestic agriculture, and will continue to plan for these activities and synergies in the coming months. 

News Date
Mar 16, 2018