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NASA Harvest partners engage with agriculture end users at Arkansas Field Day


Harvest partners engaged with more than 100 farmers, researchers, and industry representatives at Mississippi County (Arkansas) Water Management Field Day August 6th. Speakers and participants discussed the latest irrigation technology and farm operations for optimizing water management and production for rice, soy, corn, and cotton rotations. Teams toured fields implementing technology, reviewed production and economic outcomes of practices, and discussed scaling using moderate resolution satellite imagery and planned missions such as UAVSAR, ECOSTRESS, and NISAR. Participants from industry (Delta Plastics, USARice, Greenway), University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University, USDA ARS, and NGOs (Winrock, Ducks Unlimited) got to review NASA products and metrics of evapotranspiration, irrigation, and soil moisture for their fields and provide interactive insight on utility and use in practical decision making. We look forward to next steps with this diverse team representing the full spectrum of farm operations, resource management, and markets.  

News Date
Aug 8, 2018