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Nathan Torbick

Director, Applied GeoSolutions

How I work with Harvest

Dr. Torbick works on the following for Harvest:

  • SAR, SAR-optical fusion
  • Crop type mapping
  • Assessment of management practices
  • Rice, irrigation management, GHG 
  • Scaling Decision Support Tools and MRV platforms

Nathan works at the junction of food security and scaling of geospatial decision support tools. A lot of his time is devoted to bridging the gap between research and the operational domain by scaling efforts and moving knowledge into everyday applications. He is currently focused on growing applications and building robust Measurement, Reporting, and Verification tools to support wider Public Private Partnerships. At a broad scale the thematic areas include climate-smart agriculture, food security, ecosystem services markets, improving livelihoods, and tracking environmental outcomes. He believes to achieve better food security and innovation we need wider adoption of technologies and PPPs.

Nate Torbick