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Bruno Gérard

Director of Sustainable Intensification Program, CIMMYT

How I work with Harvest

CIMMYT is working closely with Harvest as the organization's research work increasingly depends on high quality geospatial information. There are a number of synergistic areas that are being explored through this consortium, including crop monitoring and forecasting, risk assessments, early warning and information systems in support of extension services. CIMMYT will leverage its relevant activities, including Sen2Agri, GreenSat (MasAgro), Climate Services for Resilient Development (CSRD), the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA), the Global Yield Gap analysis, and its work on irrigation scheduling (PANI) and disease forecasting and monitoring to work with the Consortium to expand and enhance CIMMYT's use of EO applications and data in support of its programs for the benefit of smallholder farmers.


Bruno Gérard is the Director of CIMMYT’s Sustainable Intensification Program. He leads a team of 48 international scientists focusing on sustainable intensification of maize and wheat-based systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Before joining CIMMYT in September 2011, he worked as a Principal Scientist at ICRISAT in Niger and as a System-wide Livestock (SLP) Program coordinator at ILRI in Ethiopia.. He was trained as agricultural and irrigation engineer, and holds M.Sc. degrees from the University catholique de Louvain (1987) and Utah State University (1990) and a Ph.D. from the plant nutrition department at the University of Hohenheim (2000). His research interests includes geo-spatial system analysis, research design, soil fertility management at farm and landscape levels, crop-livestock integration in smallholder farming systems, and participatory methods. 

CIMMYT - The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center - is the global leader in publicly-funded maize and wheat research and related farming systems. Headquartered near Mexico City, CIMMYT works with hundreds of partners throughout the developing world to sustainably increase the productivity of maize and wheat cropping systems, thus improving global food security and reducing poverty. CIMMYT is a member of the CGIAR System and leads the CGIAR Research Programs on Maize and Wheat and the Excellence in Breeding Platform. The Center receives support from national governments, foundations, development banks and other public and private agencies.