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Gary Eilerts

Former USAID Program Manager

How I work with Harvest

Dr. Eilerts advises NASA Harvest and partners on early warning, food security monitoring and assessment, and resilience analysis, and provides liaison between the Consortium and USAID, FEWS NET and other US, national, regional, and global humanitarian/food security organizations.  He assists in the integration of Harvest databases and web interfaces with the FEWS NET Data Warehouse and other available USG, national, regional, and global data archives and sources of data. 


Dr. Eilerts has over 40 years of experience in senior-level management,  technical innovation and implementation of food security and early warning operations in the US Government, UN agencies, private institutions, and non-governmental organizations. He is a specialist in food security assessment, early warning tools, techniques and databases, and the design of information systems to provide decision-support functions.