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Guillaume Schreiner

Research Engineer, ICube Lab, CNRS

How I work with Harvest

Guillaume Schreiner works on the design of networks of wireless agro-meteorological stations to tackle the current lack of in-situ precipitation observations in East Africa. He is currently working with UMD and the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology in Arusha, Tanzania, to demonstrate the benefits of building local capacities on new high-tech open-hardware solutions to deploy and maintain low-cost sustainable agro-met networks.


Guillaume is a Research Engineer of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) working in the University of Strasbourg since 2005. His research fields are new Internet protocols, wireless network, and Internet of Things. He worked on diverse IPv6 related projects like IPv6-ADIRE, an ADIRE project for IPv6 and Mobile IPv6 deployment in french research network infrastructure.  He also participated in other RNRT projects like REMORA, a RNRT project for IPv6 flows management in a NEMO environment. Other domains of interest are wireless networks, with development of wireless mesh router in AIRNET, a RNRT project exploring wireless mesh networks. Since 2009, he is involved in SensLAB, an ANR project for creation of a large distributed testbed of wireless sensors network which became Equipex FIT IoT-LAB in 2011. Since 2012, Guillaume is the technical manager of the INeT Lab (Internet Network Technologies Lab) experimental platform of the ICube Laboratory.

Guillaume Schreiner