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Jean-Claude Roger

Professor, NASA/UMD Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with Harvest

Dr. Jean-Claude Roger is part of the University of Maryland Harvest Hub, providing support for Harvest activities and research. His areas of interest and research include:
•    Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Land
•    Atmospheric Correction (VIIRS, MODIS, Sentinel(s), Landsat(s), MERIS...)
•    Calibration/Validation
•    Radiative Transfer
•    Aerosol characterization (chemical, microphysical, physical, radiative) and Aerosol radiative impact


Dr. Roger received his PhD from the University of Lille with a dissertation on "Spatial Studies in Polarized Light - Preparation of the POLDER instrument". He has a degree to apply for a full professor position at the Blaise-Pascal University in France and an M.A. in Fundamental Physique from University of Lille.

JC Roger