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Jehiel Oliver

Chief Executive Officer, Hello Tractor

How I work with Harvest

Hello Tractor is an award-winning agricultural technology company focused on improving food and income security for smallholder farmers relying on expensive and often unavailable manual labor. Our solution: we have developed technology to increase and optimize tractor activity in Africa. Hello Tractor connects tractor owners to farmers through an Internet-of-Things (IoT) digital solution that bridges the gap between traditional farming and more technologically advanced approaches. Our platform simplifies complex data to make tractors profitable as business assets even in smallholder farming systems. This disruptive technology holds the potential to increase agricultural productivity and farmer income for a more secure global food system. 

Hello Tractor’s technology is an off-the-shelf monitoring device that, when fitted onto a tractor, allows equipment owners to better manage their machines on the farm. Each monitoring device is equipped with an international SIM providing GPRS and SMS capabilities for data transmission, and is built to withstand the demands of agricultural wear and tear. The monitoring device tracks the tractor, relaying critical information to both home base and the operator, providing 24-hour visibility of tractor assets in the field. If the monitoring device is tampered with or removed from the tractor, the owner is notified immediately. Our technology fits unto any brand of tractor to help owners manage machine fleets in the field, minimize fraud and maximize machine value.

Hello Tractor provides its tractor monitoring devices to tractor owners for smart, internet-connected tractors that record information on location, speed, and other measures of performance as machines operate in the field. The precise plot geographic boundaries generated by these connected tractors can be used to tie satellite images to planting activities for enhanced insights into farmers behavior, crop mix, and productivity for enhanced decision making and data-driven agronomic extension. 
Harvest provides Hello Tractor with best in class machine learning and analytics models to ensure farmers within our ecosystem have access to the best information for improved decision making.


Jehiel is responsible for the overall management of the Hello Tractor team, strategy, and partnerships. He is an Echoing Green Global Fellow and Rainer Arnhold Mulago Fellow. Prior to Hello Tractor, Jehiel worked as a financial sector consultant, providing advisory services for transactions totaling a half billion dollars, in over ten countries, including conflict zones. Jehiel began his career in the US investment banking and private equity industries. 

Outside of work, Jehiel remains active serving on the boards of Shared Interest and H4H, both impact investment funds focused in sub-Saharan Africa. Jehiel is also a Presidential appointee, under the Obama Administration, serving on the President’s Advisory Council for Doing Business in Africa. Jehiel studied economics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Florida A&M University and Cornell University, respectively