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Jon Lenchner

Chief Scientist, IBM Research Africa

How I work with Harvest

Dr. Lenchner works with Harvest on the following:

i. Applications of information technology to water management and water resilience.
ii. Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling
iii. Solar irradiance forecasting


Dr. Jonathan (Jon) Lenchner has worked at IBM since 1994. Prior to working with IBM Jon worked for the hydrogeological consulting firm Nittany Geoscience in State College, Pennsylvania. In the 1990s Jon led IBM’s work in e-commerce.  He has worked extensively in robotics and is an expert in discrete and computational geometry (the area of his Ph.D.), game theory and artificial intelligence. He worked on the game strategy portion of the famed Watson Jeopardy! playing system, work for which he and his colleagues were awarded the 2013 AAAI Feigenbaum Prize.  He is currently chief scientist at IBM Research Africa, with offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa. Jon directs the research agenda of both labs and manages the staff of the Kenya lab.  He also leads the lab's work on information technology measures to enhance water sustainability in the arid north of Kenya.  Prior to his move to Africa in May 2016, Jon was one of the principal investigators in IBM’s “cognitive lab” – a “smart” meeting room built to facilitate group decision making. Jon also worked with the US Department of Energy on Project Sunshot to help utilities improve solar irradiance forecasting.