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Kenneth Mwangi

Earth Observation and Geo-Information Specialist, ICPAC-IGAD


How I work with Harvest

Kenneth Mwangi works with Catherine Nakalembe of NASA Harvest's University of Maryland Hub and other partners to collaborate on the use of Earth observations for crop monitoring and agriculture in Eastern Africa. 

In June 2019, NASA Harvest and ICPAC signed a formal MoU with ICPAC to support and collaborate on the thematic application areas of agriculture and crop monitoring, and on future atmospheric monitoring. The MoU is aimed at formal recognition of the technical cooperation. NASA Harvest chose ICPAC as a global example of an institution that utilizes Earth Observation (EO) data and tools and conducts research activities and also as a regional policy organization of IGAD. The MoU commits ICPAC and NASA Harvest (represented by University of Maryland) to working closer in applied research for a mutual benefit.


Kenneth Mwangi is a satellite information expert working in Eastern Africa. His academic training is in Environmental Engineering and he has a Master of Science
degree in Geospatial Information Systems and Remote Sensing. He coordinates an initiative that utilizes satellite derived and field collected crop data to inform regional
organizations, farmers and private companies in the Horn of Africa.

Kenneth Mwangi