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Pierre Guillevic

Associate Research Professor, University of Maryland, Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with Harvest

Pierre Guillevic is part of the University of Maryland Harvest Hub, providing support for Harvest activities. Dr. Guillevic is an Associate Research Professor at the Geographical Sciences Department at the University of Maryland and a member of the Terrestrial Information Systems Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. His research is focused on mapping the properties of the Earth surface using advanced remote sensing data analyses, physical models and geographical information systems. Building collaborations with the academic, research and private sectors, Pierre is developing new atmospheric radiative transfer models, new techniques to retrieve surface biophysical parameters, surface water and energy information from satellite observations for environmental and climate study applications. As the Principal Investigator of a NASA ROSES Applied Sciences - Water Resources project, his role is to engage a large user community interested in satellite products for food, water resources and weather impact applications, such as crop yield and water use/need monitoring systems through precision agriculture products.