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Raphaël R. Luhahe

Research Engineer, ICube Lab, University of Strasbourg

How I work with Harvest

Raphaël Luhahe works on the design of networks of wireless agro-meteorological stations to tackle the current lack of in-situ precipitation observations in East Africa. He is currently working with UMD and the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology in Arusha, Tanzania, to demonstrate the benefits of building local capacities on new high-tech open-hardware solutions to deploy and maintain low-cost sustainable agro-met networks.


Raphaël Luhahe is a research engineer working on instrumentation design and electronics at the Engineering Science, Computer Science and Imaging laboratory (ICube). He develops probes, optical sensors, data-loggers and wireless communication solutions for applications ranging from urban climate studies to forest structure monitoring, and actively contributes to calibration and validation field campaigns. Raphaël holds an Engineer diploma from the Higher National School of Physics, Strasbourg, France.

Raphaël R. Luhahe