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Steven Brumby

Co-Founder and Chief Science Advisor, Descartes Labs

How I work with Harvest

Steven Brumby works with Harvest on behalf of Descartes Labs, a venture-backed start-up based in Los Alamos NM and San Francisco CA focused on understanding agriculture, natural resources and human geography using deep learning technology and satellite imagery, which is one of Harvest's information providers. His work involves big data, processing, and deep learning methods. Descartes will contribute to new constellations of small-satellites which provide opportunities for increased coverage and the exploration of development of applications using these data.


Steven is Co-Founder and Chief Science Advisor of Descartes Labs. He serves on the Landsat Advisory Group, supporting the NASA/USGS Landsat mission. Previous to Descartes Labs, Steven was a Senior Research Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) working on development of deep-learning and genetic algorithms for image, video and signals analysis. He is a co-inventor of LANL’s GENIE image analysis algorithm (R&D100 Award 2002), which has been applied to satellite imagery analysis and to cancer detection in digital microscopy. Steven received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Melbourne (Australia) in 1997, and has authored over 100 scientific publications.