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Tim McCully

Senior Vice President, Economic Development, Lutheran World Relief

How I work with Harvest

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is an end user of Harvest data and outputs. LWR improves the lives of millions of smallholder farmers and their families through sustainable agriculture efforts that focus on building food security and increasing rural incomes through agriculture value chains. LWR works with all actors across agricultural value chains, including input suppliers, farmers and their associations, processors and exporters, and government agencies to enhance the effectiveness of agricultural production and sale. LWR supports the development and strengthening of farmers’ organizations and networks. Collective work lowers input costs, increases access to vital services, improves economies of scale, and helps build economically healthy and resilient communities.

LWR uses information and communication technology platforms to improve data-driven production and extension services. These platforms:
•    Help agents provide extension services to farmers;
•    Aggregate information that can be shared with potential input suppliers and market outlets for business opportunities;
•    Aid unions to better plan for bulk acquisitions, sales, and timely communications with their members; and
•    Assist LWR is collecting, compiling, and analyzing project performance and management data.

LWR focuses on protecting smallholder farmers’ assets in the face of changing climates and environmental degradation, through climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. The organization integrates conservation agriculture and sustainable land management practices throughout its programming.


Tim McCully provides strategic leadership and management for overseas relief and development programming in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the former Soviet Union for professional purposes and has lived, worked, and studied in Thailand and Hong Kong.

His professional focus has been on rural livelihoods and food security, public health (with an emphasis on malaria and HIV/AIDS), assets-based approaches to development, disaster risk reduction and relief, gender equity, and organizational development and capacity building. Tim has also served as the Board Chair for IMA World Health.

Tim McCully