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The NASA Harvest Hub at UMD invites applications for a Faculty Specialist position. NASA Harvest is NASA Applied Sciences’ food security and agriculture program, led and implemented by the Hub at UMD. Harvest aims to advance the awareness, use, and operational uptake of satellite-based Earth observations for agriculture and food security. Harvest works both domestically and internationally as a Consortium with over 50 institutions. Click here to apply.


Position Description:

The Faculty Specialist will work closely with the Harvest Leadership and Management Teams to facilitate the Harvest Consortium and in particular Hub operations. The main responsibilities of this position will be to assist with broad-scale coordination for the program and its multiple research components and teams, assuming day-to-day responsibilities such as meeting coordination, liaising with partners, content generation and curation, and outreach.


Responsibilities Description:

Internal and External Communications, Coordination, and Administration:

  • Maintain an in-person presence at UMD and be available for in-person communication with NASA counterparts and project partners in the DC region.
  • Assist Leadership Team with flow of information between UMD, partner organizations, and NASA.
  • Work with NASA comms teams to promote Harvest activities through NASA channels
  • Communicate professionally across the Hub and with partners related to: In person and virtual meeting, working group, and webinar scheduling and note taking; Workshop report development and distribution; Coordination of research, extension, education, and integration efforts across Partners; News story and social media engagement drafting
  • Assist with website content development and deployment.

Tracking, Reporting, and General Assistance:

  • Assist with tracking partners’ milestones & deliverables
  • Between-report tracking and updates of weekly highlights
  • Representation of Harvest at conferences and meetings (inc. speaking roles)
  • Be flexible and responsive to evolving needs of Harvest.

Applications should include a cover letter, a writing sample to demonstrate new story and social media voice (300 words max), a signed and dated Curriculum Vitae, and provide the names, addresses, and email addresses of three references.


Minimum Qualifications:       

  • A Bachelor’s Degree and at least 2 years of working on multi-institutional projects, or a Master’s Degree and at least 6 months of working on multi-institutional projects.
  • Excellent organizational skills and self-starting initiative;
  • The ability to help facilitate the work of a geographically diverse and remote team;
  • The ability to adhere to deadlines, and scope out and implement timelines for completion of multi-component and multi-actor activities;
  • Strong active listening and written and oral communication skills;
  • An ease in professional-social situations;
  • Comfort and ability to deliver polished presentations to a wide variety of audiences;
  • A willingness and ability to adopt team comms and project management software and tools, including Slack, Webex/Zoom, Dropbox, Trello, MindManager, AirTable, and Google Documents;
  • The ability to assist with outreach materials and modalities, including Twitter and writing brief news stories, as well as assisting with managing basic website content.
  • Agility in responding to dynamic needs of Harvest leadership, partners, stakeholders, and NASA.
  • Must be able to maintain an in-person presence at UMD, as public health allows.
  • Must occasionally work flexible hours to liaise with partners around the world.
  • Must be able to travel out of state and/or internationally 1-3 times per year.



• A basic knowledge of remote sensing, agriculture, and/or food security is not required, but would strengthen an application.